Mwingi legislators propose new measures to curb terror attacks

Bandits attacks from the Somalis have become very rampant in Ukambani. Photo/Nation

Following recent terror attack at Dusit in Nairobi which left about 21 people dead and scores injured, three legislators from Mwingi in Kitui are now proposing new measures which would enable the government to avert such attacks in future.

Speaking in different occasions in their respective constituencies while issuing education bursaries to needy students; Mwingi central Dr. Gideon Mulyungi, his counterpart from Mwingi North Paul Nzengu and Mwingi west legislator Charles Nguna are now urging the government to equip police officers manning all roadblocks across the country with modern gadgets and ammunition, as well as improve welfare of the police to make them work more effectively.

On his side, Mwingi central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi is proposing that all police roadblocks across the country to be fitted with CCTV cameras and bomb detectors so as to monitor suspicious vehicles plying different routes in Kenyans roads.

Mulyungi is also urging the government to consider equipping Kenyan police with modern ammunition, to enable them to effectively protect the country in the wake of attacks.

Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu who also spoke on the matter has urged the government to include lessons on patriotism in the school curriculum, claiming that lack of patriotism is what is making Kenyan youths to fall in the traps of radicalization.

Mr. Nzengu also urged the government to improve remuneration of the country’s security personnel, in order to reduce cases where corruption among the police has been used by terrorists to enter into the country and undertake attacks.

His remarks were also supported by Mwingi west legislator Charles Nguna who said that there is no way the government could win the war against terror, when its policemen are underpaid and work in unfavorable living conditions.


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