Why Kitui assembly and executive impasse might escalate

Migwani Mca addressing residents in Mwingi town Photo/Linah Musangi

Kitui County has for the last few months witnessed a stand off between the assembly and executive the major cause being failure of the assembly to pass a supplementary budget presented on the floor by the administration.

A large number of Mcas especially those from Larger Mwingi have decried neglect because hands of the county government have not touched residents hearts in form of developments.

Majority of these county legislators have found it best to fight for developments in their wards, a step that has not been well received by Kitui’s administration.

Speaking in Mwingi town today, (Thursday ) where over 20 Mcas had come on a benchmarking tour in Mwingi central sub county, Migwani Mca, commonly known as Kalumaita, has publicly announced that the war is not over yet until resources are distributed equally.

“we will not relent until Kitui’s resources are shared equally,” clarified Migwani Mca.


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