Mp Nguna’s advice on how to better free education

Mwingi west MP, Charles Nguna Photo/Linah Musangi

Availability of free education is considered one of the most important pro-poor policies that has the probability of reducing future income inequalities.

For most children from underprivileged families, the only confident way to kiss poverty good bye and compete with others is by acquiring quality education. From this perspective, Kenya’s free primary education is an incredibly important policy.

However, Mwingi west member of national assembly, Charles Nguna has urged the central government to effect very key factors in order to ensure this initiative fully benefits future stars.

Addressing media at Nzawa shopping center on Friday after completion of bursary issuance worth Ksh.33 million across his constituency, Nguna urged the treasury ministry to consider increasing the amount for there is a lot to be done for children to comfortably acquire the free education.

“we appreciate the little we get. However, there are lots of needy children thus the request for more money,” Nguna pleaded with the national treasury.

Secondly, according to the Wiper elect MP, the CDF need to be released as soon as possible in order to timely issue the bursary cheques.

” Mr. Rotich, kindly ensure the funds are released soonest possible for convenience purposes,” added Nguna.


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