APPRECIATING LEADERS: touching story why MCA vied for seat

Kyome /Thaana county legislator, Alex Wambua Mwangangi

Leadership is the act of leading a group of people or an organization. In other words, superintendence, supervision or power..

An effective leader is a person with a passion for a cause that is larger than they are. Someone with a dream and vision that will wholly better the community and society at large. Leaders also need to be appreciated for they are human, this encourages then to work harder with the interests of people in mind.

Devolution is among the key changes in Kenya which ensures decisions are made closer to local people and communities benefiting if they elect the accurate leaders.

In an exclusive interview where Kitui Online engaged Kyome /Thaana member of county assembly, Alex Wambua, his quest to lead his electorates beats a number of other elected leaders.

“the moving forces which accelerated me to vie for the seat I attained close to two years ago is ; For a long time, I disliked how elected leaders would rate themselves so special to an extend the wananchi who elected them can hardly reach them,
I needed to get closer to residents, understand their wants and needs without any form of discrimination or self interest
Following a series of mendacity told when politicians race for their respective seats, I gathered the mettle to secure a seat where my priority is delivery and not to trade in lies, in order for locals to gain trust in their leaders and believe a politician can be trusted unlike in most cases, where they appear while politicking ,disappear after election,only to appear again in the next elections “ narrated the first term Wiper elect Mca.

In addition, the county legislator who has been in front line fighting for developments within his ward, under his leadership, he has oversight the following projects.

.Supply and installation of 27 water tanks [10,000lit] to different schools and health facilities
.30kms road grading across different villages.
.ECDE classes in Mbau Musuani,Yenzuva primary school and Maiyuni ECDE centre.
. Public toilet in Kasevi shopping centre,school latrines and four doors in Syimuu and Kavaini primary schools.
.Drift prized around ksh.850,000 to Singia dispensary.
.Ongoing road construction from Musuani to Misai Primary school by KRB through the county government.
.Ongoing Thokoa borehole piping to Kasevi and Singia dispensary with two 10,000 litres water tanks installation.
.Ongoing Kwa Mukusi borehole piping with pressure tank to Matisaa, Kasanga.
.Kwa Mwava sand dam
.Kangila sand dam at Kanfoka,Ndaluni in Kyome village.
.Ongoing construction of a dias,standard public toilet fencing and leveling of Kitulani sports ground.
.Ongoing Musuani primary and secondary sports ground lavelling.
.Wikitoo five water tanks[10,000] supply and installation.
.Four Wikivuvw’a 10,000 litres water tanks supply and installation.
.Wikivuvw’a 2-latrine doors
.Kwa Magori,Kanyekini earth dam rehabilitation.
.Ongoing Kwa Mbuku borehole piping with pressure tank and two kiosks to ward headquarters courtesy of AMREF then to other possible distribution points by the county government.
.Grading Kathumulani,Ndaluni,Musukini road by KRB through the county government.


As all the parliamentaries resumed their third sitting after the general election on Tuesday,[12/2/2019] Mca Wambua has promised his people to lobby hard for more resources which will translate to voters needs being tackled.

In conclusion Wambua has urged locals to embrace and largely show up in public participation forums across the ward.

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