County, County Overseer wrangle over Ministerial spending

Kitui Senator, Hon Enoch Kiio Wambua

The recent sprout of bitter attacks between Kitui Senator and the County Government over the alleged overspending by one of the County Departments has inflicted more pain to the earlier already healing enmity wound between the duo after they have collided over a number of issues pertaining the service delivery and governance of the county.

This time round, the Senator is directing a finger of blame to the County Department of Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development over unclear spending of over Sh 36M on fueling services to offer the departmental services.
Wambua showed up his wonder on how one of the county ministries can afford to spend Sh36M on fuel services and simmilarly condemned the raw insults usually directed to him as he tries to inquire from the county administration about such questionable spendings.

The Senator claims that this loathsome amount was issued to two petrol stations one based in Kitui town and the other in Mwingi town between 6th March, 2018 and on 4th April, 2018 at Sh 12M collectively and thereafter one of the said fueling stations garnered Sh 6M for the same supply, a cost that the county overseer suspects to have been inflated and doctored.

“On my part, I will fight very hard and smart for more resources to the counties because I believe funds must follow functions for devolution to make sense. I will also be very vocal in my resolve to demand accountability for resources allocated to counties. On this front I shall call those who steal from the public by their names…” said Senator Wambua.

Adding to his earlier remarks, the Senator said it’s the mandate of each parliamentarian whether Member of the National Assembly and Senator or the MCA to play an oversight role and keenly scrutinize the spend of the national and devolved resources by the national or the county government respectively for the benefit of the electorates.

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