Tharaka Pre – schools closing down:women not giving birth, are busy looking for water at night

Water is life, but in Tharaka, women have to struggle to 'live'
Tharaka ward within Mwingi North constituency borders Kitui and Meru counties which covers approximately 1,669 Sq Km.
However, the ward that houses around 122,620 individuals decry neglect by the county government matters development.
Addressing media during an ongoing project inspection mission across all Kitui wards, the area Mca, Fredrick Nthuri, said getting water within the ward is the most scary nightmare as women have to trek for over 18km in search for water.
To add insult into injury, pre school facilities are closing down for lack of pupils because women no longer give forth new ones following a busy schedule in the wells  overnight.
Although it is said there is no gain without pain, Tharaka women are racked with suffering that has turned a pain in the neck.
“women here spends nights in search to quest their families’ thirst. They no longer her have time to sire new ones with their husbands and this translates to shut down of pre_primary schools within the region, for lack of pupils ” angrily narrated Mca Nthuri.
Nthuri urged the county government to quickly step in and sort the water menace by putting in place water points to benefit locals who are  currently tired of the pain that has spread its roots to greater lengths.
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