Mca vows to be Governor’s enemy until his people stop fetching water 40kilometres away


Kivou member of county assembly, Charles Maema today (Friday) publicly declared himself an enemy of the Governor unless his electorates needs are  tackled.

Speaking during the ongoing project inspection exercise held at Kanzui area within his ward, Maema urged the relevant ministries to step in and deliver concerns raised by locals during public participation forums.
“I will be Governor’s enemy until when my people will be fully served,” Maema declared.
Mutemi Ng’eru, a resident within the area complained about women fetching water 40 kilometers away whereas there is a water kiosk within Kanzui area.
“the reason we are looking for water far away is because when the generator used to pump water into the tank runs short of fuel, we have to wait for five days before the pumping exercise resumes,” narrated Mutemi.
The tiresome and torturous journey up and down the hills leaves locals pleading with the county government to install solar power systems to help in pumping the water throughout.
” we need solar power systems equipped with batteries to help in power storage thus pumping water all the time,” the concerned resident pointed out.
In addition the locals requested for earth dams, increase water tanks in water points and ensuring roads are passable.
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