Nuu residents decry acute water shortage as drought bites

Kitui Residents decry acute shortage of water as drought bites Photo/Linah Musangi

Mwingi East sub county within Kitui is one among the arid regions of Kitui County. However, Nuu hills have continuously supplied area residents with water through springs found on the hills even at waterless times of the year.

Kwa Mwola -Kaai-Kathanze water project was started in 1952 by a certain NGO who tapped water from the 8 springs using Galvanized Ions (GI) pipes 24kilometres down the hills and supplied to residents.

According to the initiative Chairman, Daniel Ngei, the NGO erected 13 water kiosks across different parts of the sub county which supplies 3/4 of Nuu residents with water translating into over 25,000 locals and more than 18,000 cattle drinking from the same water points.

However, due to low rains currently experienced, the amount of water (water table) from the springs has drastically reduced and the residents now fear that with time the water might dry up completely.

On the other hand, what is causing a stir among the residents is how the water sources have been left unguarded, leaving the water sources open to interference either by human beings or their animals.

“We need the water source to be fenced and restricted from any form of interference, ” the chairman said.

In addition the residents require additional sources of water like boreholes, earth dams, pit latrines in the water points, water tanks, funding from the county or national government to help maintain the project and renovation of the pipes is also needed because this water also benefits several institutions like schools, including Nuu Health centre.

Area Mca Alex Musili, pleaded with Governor Ngilu to adhere to her Manifesto on water supply to help residents cut down many kilometers they walk in search for water as out of the 13 water kiosks put up by the NGO, only three are functional now.

“All I want is Governor Ngilu to fulfill her manifesto to my people nothing else, all we require is her deliver,” pointed out the Jubilee Party elected first term Mca


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