Bee survivors nurse injuries

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On Wednesday, Kitui County Chief and also the NARC Party head Charity Kaluki Ngilu expressed her utmost concern for her people following her evening visit to the Ngaakani village family recently hospitalized at Kitui Level lV Hospital after an attack by an aggressive swarm of bees.The tropical swarm of bees is said to have invaded the family at their residential home in Kitui Rural Sub-County leaving the members with bee sting injuries.

Scientifically, bees are termed the most social creatures to human beings but now the family in Yatta is singing a different tune to that of the villagers after the reported urgent attack that left the family members nursing bee stings in the county refferal hospital.

On her visit, the Governor assured the injured adequate care as they undergo medication and encouraged them to keep patience as they recover bee sting injuries.She also alerted the residents to be watchful and to be immediately notifying the relevant authorities in case of such emergencies for a restorative action to be taken.

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Accompanying Ms. Ngilu were the area MCA John Kisangau and the Ben Katungi, CECM Coordination and Public Service, who all wished the family a quick recovery.

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