Dr. Mulyungi demands more action, matters fighting graft nightmare

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi and Nguni Mca, Jefferson Kiruru

Mwingi central MP is now demanding more action from President Uhuru Kenyatta in the fight against corruption which has rocked his government.


The legislator said that although the president took action and sacked one of his cabinet secretaries and re-organized his cabinet, there are still other cabinet secretaries who have been adversely mentioned in corrupt deals especially in the Dams scandal which has seen billions of public funds go unaccounted for.


Speaking at Kyanika in Mwingi central where he had attended a burial ceremony, Dr Mulyungi said that Kenyans are tired of seeing billions of money go to waste while they continue to suffer from the pangs of abject poverty.


The legislator also called for revision of investigations of those behind termination of Umaa Dam construction, urging the current Kitui governor Charity Ngilu who was the minister of Water during the time when the project stalled to push for its construction if she was not involved in its collapse.


Dr. Mulyungi said that in the fight against corruption no one should be spared and the law should be applied equally to all fraudsters, no matter their social stature.



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