OPINION: Jane Kibati describes Gender Equity as a Hide and seek Game


Our Kenya 2010 constitution is elaborate on issues of rights and protection of the every person. Achieving this has been a great challenge for our great nation of great women and men and this can be qualified by what we experience in our electoral process every 5 years

As we progressively claim for realization of the rights as envisaged by the constitution, the gender equity debate has been turned into a hide and seek game by the lawmakers and the leadership of the country

Kenyans woke up to a handshake on December 2018 , a strategy that acted as a breathalyzer to the many unethical social issues and calmed the tension as experienced during and after the 2017 general elections as we are all aware

The handshake gave Kenyans great hope for harmonious implementation of the governments agenda ( The Big Four) and fast tracking of the constitutional implementation framework one of them being the Gender Equity bill. And despite the talk about supporting the bill from among the top leadership of the nation, the strategic efforts employed in educating and lobbying for it and the knowledge of the constitutional implications, it is now crystal clear that it is not a priority from the many times the bill has failed to pass in parliament. If not so, why did we miss 59 legislators to attain the required minimum quorum of 233 on the voting day?

Could the leadership be planning another strategy to tell Kenyans that the Gender Equity issue will be addressed during referendum and of which it is not yet decided upon!
Ignoring the principle of inclusivity and of the majority is an indication that the Handshake is majorly for the middle to upper class of the society while ignoring the low class and less privileged in the society. How do we expect to grow the people and the nation if we ignore the majority in our society. This debate has been turned into a memorized “lullaby song or a poem”.

Could the Handshake be a strategy to excite Kenyans that they all “ belong” while it’s the opposite? It is high time, the register is produced and made public to the electorate to know who voted for and against, who was present and absent when this great bill was put for voting. This will clearly show us who is “for”and “against”progressive development of our great nation

The talk and the effort of dealing with corruption, introducing referendum debate; Vision 2030 among many others cannot be complete and realized fully without implementing the Gender Equity bill unless it is also another “ lullaby song and a memorized poem”. How can we achieve our agenda as a country without incorporating every one to play their rightful role?

# Let us all Arise, Persist and Transform our country together

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