The 6th National Annual Devolution Conference Kicks-off today


The 6th Devolution Conference kicks off in Kirinyaga County today with Kitui participating to showcase her devolution story.

The theme of this year’s Conference is “Deliver. Transform. Measure” with a clarion call of “Remaining Accountable”. The Conference is anchored on the “Big Four Agenda”

The Conference is a key platform to ensure county governments update the members of the public on citizen participation, the achievements so far and how they can contribute to successfully implement the devolution dream as envisaged in the Kenyan Constitution 2010.

The forum will also ensure leaders listen to the voices on the impact on Devolution, to interrogate the negative narrative about devolution and to seek to entrench the positive dialogue about devolution.

The two levels of governments {The national and counties} will use the platform to engage with Kenyans on matters the Big four and subsequently showcase individual county’s development progress in trade, agriculture, affordable housing, health, water and sanitation among other key areas of growth.

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This year’s Devolution Conference will provide a platform through which all stakeholders in devolution can evaluate performance of both levels of governments in matters of policy, law, accountability, good governance, and service delivery, among others.

According to the council of Governors, the overall objective of the conference will be to safeguard the gains, enhance the understanding and appreciation of devolution as a system of governance that focuses on public accountability and learning new ways of socio-economic development and delivering services.

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