OPINION:Money buys love

A slay queen poses for a selfie. Accidentally, the sponsor's old wrinkled hand appears resting on her lap


Love is a feeling of intense attraction towards someone.



A fat wallet, cool BMW(commonly known as Be My Wife) stirs an uncontrollable feeling, one difficult to ignore to some girls.



In some Kenyan communities most wealthy men offer young girls’ parents huge some of money in exchange for their hands in marriage.



In the current Era, when majority of city/bush girls see a well monies man, regardless of his age driving a four wheel high end machine, a good number of them wish the guy would lower the *kioo*and just say hi.


The man might be having a private look, but the slay queen sees nectar sweet lips despite them being red hot due to smoking effects, his red eyes are termed bedroom eyes, his Grey hair this time doesn’t mean old age but a sign a wealth. The old wrinkled body just needs a warm massage.


Money is not everything but the only thing. Cash flow accelerates revolution and rotation of the earth around the sun.


“money can buy every well endowed woman within and across borders,” a wealthy Nairobi business man posted on his social media page.



A big number of side dishes cling onto aged married men despite insults from their legal wives in the name of he takes good care of me and ‘I love him’.


So does money buy love?



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