A kitui contractor on the spot for exposing residents to Health Hazardous complications 


One Kitui contractor has had it rough for a shoddy job on Naivas – National oil tarmac project. This is after damaging area sewerage system and leaving unattended.

Online users complained of the same in different social networks. At the time of this publication no county Government/NEMA official had responded to the complain.

Pablo Caesar posted: “Whoever is supervising the ka-small road project connecting Naivas-kitui and National oil gas station must be very reckless. How could he/she leave this sewage ditch open after damaging the sewer? Does the ministry of environment Kitui mind about the wellbeing of its people?”

An investigation by KituiOnline indicates that ditch has been left open for a week.

Our efforts to reach relevant and involved persons bore no fruits as our calls went unanswered.

How is the health of our children assured with such levels of ignorance from the contractor and the relevant authorities?

The current minister for environment and the contractor MUST take action and do something about the same.

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