Challenges facing one of Kenya,’s most rich constituency

Mwingi North MP - Paul Musyimi Nzengu

Mwingi North residents are highly perturbed by the huge number of people who have invaded their constituency buying land at cheap price and claiming that they want to construct mineral processing plants in their areas without following the proper mining procedures.

Mwingi north constituency has of late stood out as one of the richest constituency in Kenya, due to the huge mineral deposits which have been discovered in the arid land, leaving many investors salivating to acquire mining rights in the constituency.

According to resident, an acre of land is now selling between Ksh. 65,000 to 85,000. However, according to the area MP Eng. Paul Nzengu who  toured limestone rich areas of Gai, Mbangwani, and Kakongo in Kyuso Sub County, the money being offered to the residents is too little compared to the huge mineral deposits underneath their land and the high profits the companies are expected to rip after excavating the minerals.

Mr Nzengu has also cried foul over the huge number of investors and brokers who have shown interest with the minerals in his constituency which range from; limestone in areas of Ngaie, Mbangwani, Gai and Kakongo, and huge deposits of non-magnetic iron ore in areas of Katse.

According to the area MP, more than 20 different companies are buying land from residents of his constituency, as he said that most are offering residents as low as 10% the price of their land and vanish for long without any further communication which is equivalent to indirectly defrauding residents their land.

The legislator has called upon the national governor not to give any more companies mineral prospecting rights in the constituency, before ascertaining the authenticity of the ones which have already been licensed to do so.

James Mwangangi, a resident of Mbangwani Location which is one of the affected areas says that land brokers have invaded their land claiming to have been sending by Savanna Cement Limited Company to buy land on their behalf and they have been buying an acre of land at Ksh. 85,000 an acre.

According to Mwangangi, most residents of the area have lost their land to brokers and that’s why there is urgent need for intervention by the county government and the national government, in order to safe residents of fraudsters.

Josephat Maithya, another resident lauded the area MP for his intervention and creating liaison committees in the affected areas, so as to negotiate on behalf of residents saying this would cure some of the problems affecting residents.


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