Fame leaves gospel celebrity defenseless


The celebrated Kamba gospel songbird, Stephen Kasolo dubbed “Kitole” has hit the social media talks over his recent “pride” post.The netizen attack erupted shortly after the photographic exposure of the said artist on various social media platforms holding some cash invoking ambiguous questions to his fans.


The debate has drawn great attention from the multitude of Ukamba gospel fans leaving Kasolo mouthless and defensless over his unexpected bragging.The online users couldn’t spare him due to his earlier mentionins in other non-Christian deeds.


Elizabeth Mwende, one of his music fans wrote on her Facebook page criticising his show-off to other local music gospellers from the region including Pst. Anthony Musembi, Wilberforce Musyoka, Emmy Kosgei among others.“What I know is that true salvation comes with wisdom and humbleness…”


Mwende further stated that being affluent doesn’t signify one’s blessings from God since the devil can enrich his trusting followers.


“I started doubting this guy when he had a confrontation with fellow artist and thereafter an interview with a certain radio station” Joseph Mativo posted


In his defense, Kasolo claimed that the highly circulated photo was a blue print of the next music track.





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