Four decades of bitter enslavement at our homeland


As was the case to her neighbours, Kamba community had to rise up to the crude arms of mass devastation in a bid to oust the foreign invaders who had turned the tribe’s population slaves on their birth land.The continued exploitative economic and political regimes by the White Colonial Masters agitated the Akamba to a point of becoming squatters at their homeland.

The massive land alienation in Ukambani especially the higher parts of Masaku hills and fertile Kangundo plains for coffee growing, denial of Africans to grow cash crops and introduction of cattle confiscation policies spurred tension between Akamba and the whites.This left the Akamba sleepless and furthered their seek of homeland freedom.

At the freedom quest front line were the African elite across the region, Mati, Paul Ngei, Muindi Mbingu, Mwendwa’s of Kitui among other community kinsmen over the long stretched resistance era.Their good command in English enhanced their determined efforts to gang up their fellows community-wide against the domineering white settlement.

The Africans were alienated from their agri-productive soils to pave way for establishment of plantations.This confined blacks captives to supply required labour force.

The flush out of the colonial masters early 1960s marked the advent and ascension into power to the Africans by themselves.The colonial epoch was exploitative as it made the Africans trampled at the homeland.

Day and night, Africans kept camping at colonial bases seeking attention for articulation of their pressing issues including hut tax, bearing of name tags for identification and confinement curtailing their long distance trade engagement.

The Akamba community suffered the cattle confiscation policy by the colonial administration, a denial to keep livestock, claiming the rearing of large herds of cattle to be hastening soil erosion.Samuel Muindi Mbingu rallied the community men in a peaceful protest against the cattle confiscation policy to Nairobi, the colonial government headquarters.

The earlier Akamba rebels against the encroachment of White Rule in Ukambani region faced colonial administration wrathfulness.To have the colony defenseless, deportation and exiling of the freedom fighters into designated colonial forts at Masaku, Kibwezi, Mukuyuni and Mwala Garrison’s was the best applied approach that completely subdued the Akamba resistance.

At last, the Africans succeeded in their forceful expulsion of the white rule marking the advent of self African rule.

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