Mumoni young woman painfully looses life to crocodile


Residents of Ngungani village within Mumoni ward of Kitui who live near Kyambere dam today woke to sad news after a woman was killed by a crocodile while fetching water in the dam.


Kanyiva Kilonzo, a middle aged woman from Kawala in Ngungani village today at around 7 Am lost her life after struggling to get herself off the reptile’s sharp canines after biting and clinging onto her left leg,below the knee. Her body was taken to Mwingi level 4 hospital mortuary.


Confirming the early morning sad occurrence, Kakuyu Chief Agnes Muthoka, termed the incident sad urging the county government to swiftly step in and put across measures to help residents get water in safer grounds other than coming to the dam where they are exposed to multiple dangers.


“the government should pipe this water to the town centre, a place central to locals to help curb such incidences where women are the ones who loose lives because they regularly come to fetch water,” said chief Agnes

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In addition, the chief pointed out health hazards locals are exposed to while they take this water.


” locals here are exposed to water borne diseases among other health hazards, “further narrated the chief.


Esther Musyimi, a resident said women are dying in the area this not being the first case they are witnessing a life lost through attacks by crocodiles.


” the County government should consider and protect women in this area for we are loosing lives while fetching water to quench our families thirst,” lamented Esther.



The area Mca Johnson Kanandu who was at the scene confirmed to his residents soon action of ensuring residents fetch water from a safe water point will take course.


” It is in need sad to loose an innocent life through the sharp teeth of this animal, I assure you that soon better water points will be erected and our women will not loose lives in such scary incidences,” Kanandu said.

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Through the assistance of the residents, a committee has been formed to deliberate on where different water points can be erected and soon the ministry of water will be consulted on the same.


Kitui’s Chief Officer for Sports, Culture and tourism, Zakayo Kimanzi who was also at the scene said the county government will help in the burial arrangements and the family left behind as they wait for KWS to chip in as the officers confirmed that she was indeed killed by the crocodile.



“the County government will also work on putting up water points after pipping water from this dam to avoid such occurrences in life,” the CO said.


However, the crocodile was killed by KWS officers from Mwea National Reserve after shooting it six times and residents slaughtered it others getting heavy supper out of this cruel animal.



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