Kitui’s largest water tower on the verge of drying up



The lower Eastern,Kitui county in particular is popularly known for experiencing minimal rains. However,what many don’t know is that some parts of county 015 are vastly favored having water springs on most hills found within the county.



Muumoni hills,has more than ten fresh water springs and an oasis that are capable of supplying 50% of Mumoni ward residents with fresh water. In addition, the hills are Kitui’s largest water towers.



Nonetheless ,majority of locals suffer from acute water shortage following massive felling of trees as well as other human activities like grazing, growing of trees that are not favourable to dry areas which instead absorb the available water contributing to drying up of the springs, this negatively affecting the amount of rainfall received on the thrilling hills.



On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 Kitui CECM for environment and natural resources,John Makau joined Mumoni Mca ,Johnson Kanandu in hosting officers from Kenya Water Towers Agency at the hills forest reserves at KFS tree nursery and Kanyululu water springs on a fact finding mission to appreciate the tower and discuss issues regarding conservation strategies.

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Some of conservation measures discussed included, protection of the forest reserve, construction of water conservation structures downstream to reduce water runoff and help raise the water table, planting of indigenous trees and educating locals on the benefits of the springs.



In addition, the water pipes which have tapped down water from the hills need renovation as well as rehabilitation of Kanyululu offices.



According to area Mca, inclusivity of various stakeholders in preservation of the springs would mark a permanent end to water shortage within the ward.



“I urge the county government in conjunction with KWTA to join hands and help revive the springs of water on these attractive hills for they will serve locals with fresh water thus curbing the long walks in search of water,” stated Kanandu.



According to the county legislator,the only areas serviced by the water from ‘above’ are Ngaani, Musosya, Kathiani and a few others with springs like Kiliku, Muvarwa, Kyoea ,Kaliluni, Masaani, Kamuvukoni among others drying up.

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Other water points in Kitui include Nuu hills within Mwingi East, Mutitu and Endau in Kitui East,Mutonguni of Kitui west and Mutha of Kitui south subcounty were nothing much has been done to save locals from ruthless water shortage.



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