Farmers embrace breeding technology to boost output


Residents of Mitamisyi Village in Ngomeni Ward, Mwingi North Sub County have embraced the mass artificial insemination programme initiated by Governor Charity Ngilu, disregarding a strong campaign by the area MCA to discredit the initiative.

Livestock keepers turned up in large numbers as Mitamisyi and Kathaalani cattle crashes, which saw the village record a total of 35 cows synchronized out of the 140 presented for screening emerging the second highest in the Ward after Kalwa/Kavuti Village.

The residents lauded the Governor for making the AI service available within their village for free. Mr Acothy Ndoo, a prominent livestock farmer who is also a community development expert trained both in Israel and Ethiopia, said that their people used to go as far as Yatta B2 Ranches in Yatta to get good livestock breeds, but with the County Government initiative the local farmers can improve their herds for free.

He appealed to local politicians not to use their differences with the Governor to undermine programmes meant to benefit the people, and called on Governor Charity Ngilu to soldier on in her quest to alleviate poverty in the County.

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“It’s very sad that we’ve witnessed leaders who want people to remain in poverty so that they can always beg and praise them,” Mr. Ndoo said. “I have personally been fought by the same political leaders because when I worked with an NGO here called Mitamisyi Poverty Eradication Programme we enlightened people that their poverty is man-made and the leaders didn’t like it” he added. Mr Ndoo presented his 11 heifers for examination out of which 3 were put on the programme.

Reverend Benjamin Mutemi, a local religious leader thanked the Governor for initiating the programme, and appealed that she ensures that AI services were available through out the year.

Community mobilization for the AI exercise in Ngomeni Ward was led by Mr Nzungi Ngwele who is the Policy Advisor in the Office of the Governor and the Ngomeni Ward Administrator Mr Kavali Manzi among other local administrators.

Mr Ngwele thanked the residents for disregarding those campaigning against the initiative and assured them the programme was very well thought out by professionals under the leadership of the Governor.

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