Save the Girl Child : She is an Asset not a Liability!!!! .

Governor Charity Ngilu issues Sanitary pads to students at Kamutei Mixed Secondary School.

Women play an important role in shaping the destiny of our civilization, yet the girl child, very often, not only faces neglect and disparity but sometimes the gravest forms of violence/crime.

It’s hard for a girl to prosper in African countries and communities . Poverty, indifference, and early marriage and pregnancy prevent many from completing their educations or enrolling in school at all. Statistics shows that millions of girls across the country aren’t enrolled in schools and institutions which puts them at risk of never reaching their full potential.

Disparity in education is overwhelmingly at the expense of girls. In many Kenyan communities, the disparity exists because many parents see more value in educating their male children while neglecting the girl child .Girls are often left at home to help with housework or to care for younger siblings.

The harassment of girl child has reached to the peak of it highest levels . Few girls who manage to be educated face a lot of troubles in their own lives.These girls face harassment and violence as they walk to and fro their respective schools from their male counterparts. This makes it difficult for them to stay focused on coursework.

While addressing students in Itoleka secondary schools, Mrs Queen Mulandi, the principal noted that there’s nothing a man can do that a woman cannot do. ” A woman empowered with knowledge and resources is a source of unstoppable change” she added . The principal emphasized on the roles and positions of a child in the society,. ‘Women play a very significant role of in shaping society and any economy of a country.’

She pointed out one of the biggest challenges facing girls as, oppressive cultural traditions and limited access to education, job training and financial services.

The principal called out for community and societies to educate for the girl child. “Investing in young women is no loose as many societies think., it help them gain skills, build livelihoods and reach their goals, unleashing their potential to improve their lives and become leaders for their families and the world.” she advised.

Speaking to students , in Itoleka girls secondary school, Kitui County, the principal said Kenyan women, especially the young ones have both a great future and potential. They should always strive to bring out the best qualities in them without allowing to be put down by anybody.

“Nobody should put you down because you are girls on the excuse that you have no capacity, I will continue working and supporting you and ensure you take your rightful place in our society,” said the principal

To curb the problem of inequality and help in empowering women and girl child , Itoleka secondary school has come out to promote the moral values, virtual and moral responsibility among youth through films and theatres.


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