Farmers Benefit from County Ploughing Subsidy


Farmers in Kitui are benefitting from the county ploughing subsidy programme aimed at improving food production and generating income to the residents.

During the launch of the programme early this month, Governor Charity Ngilu said the initiative targeted farmers countywide noting the need to increase acreage and food produce subsequently.

The plan was informed by the increased demand for tractor services citing the changing dynamics that have seen farmers invest in commercialized agriculture than farming to cater for their food.

The increased access to farm mechanisation services by the county government will increase area of land under cultivation, foster farm power, reduce production costs, increase food productivity, alleviate poverty and boost the economy among residents.

The County Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Chief Officer James Songolo says the plan will carry on as scheduled to ensure maximum number of beneficiaries in the county.

“We want the programme to last as premeditated to ensure maximum number of residents benefit in the first phase and afterwards” he said.

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Winfred Mwendwa, a resident of Mataka Village in Kitui Rural says the plan will go a long way in improving the farming sector in the county.
“I have never accessed tractor ploughing on my farm before. I thank the County Government for this plan” said Winfred.

Onesmus Mwendwa, another beneficiary of the programme says the plan is effective considering the time taken to plough and describes the initiative as pocket friendly.
“If I were to plough my farm by use of private tractors, I would pay a higher fee”. He said.
Most farmers consider the move timely as they are unable to hire, purchase or maintain farm tractors due to the high costs involved.

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