Kitui Ranked Top in Managing Municipality Plans


Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Kitui County is leading in the organizational structures of development and authority to undertake infrastructure development initiatives under the municipalities in the country.

Report by the Sustainable Urban Economic Development{SUED} indicates the county’s progress in developing activities, programmes and Urban Economic Plans that attract key economic bearing on the county’s progress.
The Urban Economic Plan aims at prioritising projects that will maximise benefits and support the development of a sustainable economic future for Kitui County.
Speaking at a stakeholders meeting in Kitui town attended by the SUED officers earlier today, Governor Charity Ngilu said the county had brought together Stakeholders on deciding the economic future of the county through implementing programmes that significantly impact on residents and improve the county’s economy.

The Governor said her government focusses on introducing smart solutions in areas of honey processing, livestock ferrying and the leather sector to boost the areas that broadly control a huge population across the county.
SUED Advisor on Gender and inclusivity Elizabeth Waithanji said the county is among the 10 that qualified to benefit from the grants saying it was among the first to establish municipality boards.
The final urban economic plan will see the county realize an Economic Vision based on stakeholder consensus, High level development framework to provide a cohesive plan of prioritised climate resilient infrastructure to support economic growth and promote value chain opportunities to work as anchors for wider economic development.

In attendance were Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau, County CECMs Phillip Mumo and Eng. Jacob Kakundi and Value Chain Specialist Dr. Temi among others.

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