Angry residents together with MCA herd camels into Kyuso DCC’s office compound

Ngomeni MCA, Muteti Nding'uri herding 34 camels inside Kyuso DCC's office compound

Over 34 camels from Kimela area of Ngomeni ward within Mwingi North sub county of Kitui who had been grazing around the area were on Friday morning herded to Kyuso Deputy County Commissioner’s office following complains from area residents.

According to area residents, the camels which belong to Somali herders invaded their shambas and forests grazing and drinking from their water points, something Ngomeni residents are angry about.

Justus Kalonzo, one among those who were herding the camels to Kyuso said they have taken action due to their cry of directing the bandits out of the area falling into deaf ears of top government leaders.

“poverty will not trouble us during the day and at night we cannot sleep for fear of bandits who are usually armed,” Justus lamented

“They have invaded our futile shambas, we can no longer produce any crop, our water points can no longer be assessed by the locals for fear of attacks by these invaders,” the resident further stated

Ngomeni Member of county assembly, Muteti Nding’uri who has for some time time now been angered by the act of Somali herders intruding most parts of Mwingi North constituency and especially within his ward where residents decry their shambas being destroyed by the camels.

“I have joined hands with my resident to heard these camels from Kimela to Kyuso DCC’s office because we are tired, all we want is these camels and the Somali herders to vacate our lands,” Muteti stated.

“Let the camels stay here(in the government offices) but not in our shambas. The government will know what to do next with them for we have had enough of insecurity cases within our areas,” Nding’uri said

The first term MCA added that tsetse flies which bite camels are very harmful if they bite cows, goats or human beings and this poses a health threat both to human beings and cattle.

” We demand peace for our people and for that to happen, Somali herders must leave our lands,” he stated.

In past incidences , cases of the Somali bandits killing residents have been reported especially during dry seasons where the pastrolists move in search of water and pasture for their camels

Kyuso DCC, MwachaUnga ChaUnga during an interview after the 34 camels were herded into his office compound said that the Somalis together with their camels have invaded the areas due to the dry spell around the country in search for pasture and water this leading to massive losses to residents.

“we held a meeting with the Somali herders a few days ago and advised them to look for alternative areas to feed,for  it’s difficult for agriculturists and pastrolists to coexist,” stated the DCC

He further lauded the 5 residents whose shambas were invaded for bringing the camels there, not killing or doing any injuries to them.

However, the five have recorded statements in Kyuso police station for assessment to be done by officers in the ministry of Agriculture to access damage, trespass in the area for the right measures to be taken.

Mwachaunga confirmed claims of residents fleeing from their homes for fear of attacks but has assured residents that their grounds are safe.


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