Angry residents accuse government officials of having fingers in Tanariver,Kitui bandits infestation

Ngomeni MCA, Muteti Nding'uri herding 34 camels inside Kyuso DCC's office compound


Kasiluni location residents of Ngomeni ward within Mwingi North sub county of Kitui have fled from their homes for fear of attacks by Somali herders who have invaded their shambas.

Addressing their political leaders at Kasiluni market yesterday, they lamented of spending cold nights in the bushes for fear of the invaders who are grazing their camels on their shambas having shot dead one Mulatya on Thursday at Kakunguu area of Ngomeni ward in broad daylight when he came face to face with the bandits while grazing his cattle.

John Ngumbu, a local clearly stated that corruption is the major cause of the deadly interrelation for most of security team officials have been compromised by these pastoralists who are said to have high government connections.

“Whatever is causing us endless pain is geared by most of our compromised security officers and when we try to protect our land by declaring it camel free, some of us are arrested because the bandits have been issued with grazing permits,” John stated.

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John further noted that the guns issued to National Police Reservists [NPR] are meaningless and should be surrendered back to the relevant venues for they are of no aid to the suffering society.

Kimanzi, another resident who chairs peace meetings in the area told area leaders to step down if they have lost the bandits battle and leave it to the locals for they have had enough of the menace.

“We have collected over 360 signatures in the area where majority have condemned the infestation,”

“We are not ready for any reconciliation and we will not surrender our lands to the intruders,” angry Kimanzi further stated.

Mama Mary, said it is very worrying to see a mother together with her children spending nights in the cold adding that bandits have denied children education too.

Ngomeni ward member of county assembly, Eliud Muteti who herded 34 camels into Kyuso DCC’s office compound two weeks ago stated that both governments should first do away with the camels in the region for the Somalis to vacate their land.

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The area Mp, Paul Nzengu stated that he will allocate money for construction of a police station at the border of Kitui and Tana river counties to beef up security in the area.

Senator Enock Kiio who was also present pleaded with residents who have run from their homes to go back assuring them of their safety.

Kiio added that he cannot stomach leading locals who are forever oppressed stating if the government has lost the battle then the residents will carry on.






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