Ambassador is likely to complicate Ngilu’s re-election, find out here..


The term tano tena seemed very easy for Governor Ngilu when she assume office.


This is close to impossibility based on her current rating. Don’t misunderstand me as this is my personal opinion.


Ngilu’s inhouse cabinet has been blamed for her deteriorating relationship with Musangi.


If what’s on the street (Kiema For Governor) is anything to go by then Ngilu’s re-election will be a more complicated matrix.


“we are tired of her dramas, and more so her poor relations with our ward reps where she taints them as very corrupt and selfish” Mueni, not her real name from Mwingi North said.


” we need her to deliver not blame games on who is is using Musangi’s money to go to Mombasa whereas she might be the most rogue person squandering our money,” another angry resident added.


Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo might knock Governor Ngilu if he goes with Kalonzo’s son as Deputy Governor plus a group of some Members of Parliament like Hon Rachael Kaki Nyamai (Kitui South) Hon Nimrod Mbai (Kitui East) Hon Gideon Mulyungi (Mwingi Central).


Such move will automatically carry all those who feel disappointed with Governor Ngilu’s leadership.


According to a research conducted by Kitui Online, if we were to go to the ballot today, Ngilu would be sent home soonest possible.


Many complained of zero projects within their wards as opposed to previous regime


“instead of building Ecde classes for us or digging boreholes, earth dams…. For us, she started Ai to cows where some have died while others were never impregnated, were they using water in place of sperms?


First, what will the cows feed on or drink….


Was there a public participation to seek people’s opinion on construction of KICOTEC?.

Were the tenders advertised?


What else after giving locals dengu and watermelon seeds… Where are the markets?


How about the people spending nights in the bushes due to fear of attacks by bandits, what has the local government done?


Now, its about honey harvesting and I’m sure county government will not buy the honey from residents…. This is a failed government, ” an angry Ikutha resident.


A heated debate on the performance of current regime in one of Kituis popular what’s app groups, most people are missing the former regime


” I miss malombe

The dams tunakunywa maji Ni za malombe


ECD classes almost in all schools.. malombe…


Drifts .. malombe..



Malombe am sorry I didn’t vote for you

What I know, I depend on God for survival… And I am waiting to vote malombe in again….” a Mwingi west resident regretted




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