Frenzied Wathe Wife Causes Drama At Mwingi Hospital, Threatens To ‘Sack’ Medics

Kitui county Deputy Governor, Dr. Wathe Nzau has warned drivers transporting charcoal using personal cars that the county government is aware of them and is on their case

Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau’s wife is the talk of town after she caused ugly drama at Mwingi Level Four Hospital where she allegedly jumped the queue and issued sack threats to medics.


Trouble started after ‘her majesty’ walked into the hospitals reception with an air of importance and, while throwing scornful glances at the other patients, demanded that she be attended to immediately given her ‘eminent’ stature.


The burly woman’s audacity instantly hit raw nerves of the waiting patients who cursed and protested her uncouth behaviour but, unperturbed, Mrs Wathe fished out her expensive smartphone and started making calls to senior staff at the hospital.


Seething with palpable anger and her cheeks blushed with humiliation, jabbered to the medic on the phone and threatened to teach them an ‘unforgettable’ lesson lest they attend to her without any delay whatsoever.


“Can you come out and attend to me now? Or should I show you and your useless staff who I am and what I can do?!” the woman screamed on the phone.


When her threats seemed to hit a snag, Wathe wife disconnected the call and fumed that she would ‘sack’ some staff and influence transfer of others to far-flung parts of Kitui regions such as Kasaala and Malalani for disrespecting her.


“Hawanijui hawa…Wamechezea yule mbaya! We are not in these big positions to be treated like village women. Watakiona!” she ranted.


One cheeky nurse giggled in the background before whispering to her colleagues: “Sasa huyu naye ni nini? If she feels so big and sweet si aende Agha Khan ama Mater, that’s where VIPs go.”


Whether or not Health CEC Dr Richard Muthoka will be instructed to effect Mrs Wathe’s threats and sack or transfer the ‘defiant’ medics at Mwingi Level Four Hospital, time will tell.

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