Kitui Executive and Assembly meet over Spatial Planning


The County spatial planning meeting between the County Executive, Assembly and a team from the University of Nairobi took place last Friday in Mwingi town.

The meeting between the two arms of government seeks to promote measures of ensuring spatial planning processes are accomplished from the formulation to the monitoring and evaluation stage in the county to guide development, investments, revenue generation and improve livelihoods.

Speaking at the meeting, Governor Charity Ngilu thanked the University of Nairobi for the considerable expertise they were offering to ensure the spatial plan succeeds in Kitui.

She said the role of the County Assembly was critical in the process saying the Assembly was key for approval of the spatial plan as required by law and input as community leaders in the various localities where data is collected.

“As leaders we have to say this and say it very boldly – when we make plans – be they spatial or physical – they must we must be respected. We have to carry this as a campaign to all our people.” She urged.

Ngilu however decried inadequate land for public utilities in towns saying leaders did not respect the plans and reservations they found in place.

“We need to make a very clear departure from the era of County Councils where planning was taken as an inconvenience, while every open space was seen as an invitation to allocate or construct.” Ngilu said.

Noting the need to support the spatial plan and policy guidelines, Ngilu said it will solve the problems of rural and urban development, industry, infrastructure and human settlement, ecotourism and sustainable environmental management.

Assembly Speaker George Ndoto praised the spatial plan as a key measure to prosperity of the county saying time was right to come up with a planned framework for development.

Kitui Municipality Chairperson Dr. Musyimi Mbathi called on the two arms of government to work closely to ensure the county spatial plan thrives.

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