Was 40M per ward promise a scam?


Following unequal distribution of resources within Kitui, county legislators came with a proposal of ensuring equitable distribution of resources across all the 40 wards.

In 2019/2020 FY budget,Mcas want inclusion of Ksh.40  million for developments in every ward to ensure every  in County 015 is treated equally.

Contrary to their thoughts, the amount has been omitted in 2019/2020 FY budget, something that might lead county legislators to rejecting the budget.

Kwa Mutonga/Kithumula mca, David Thuvi outlined fears of the assembly  rejecting the budget if the amount is not included in the budget.

“we settled on projects worth 40million in all forty wards with the Governor after several meetings and the amount does not reflect in the budget, something which will make  most mcas reject the proposed budget,” Thuvi pointed out.

Kasee Musya, Kisasi mca clearly pointed out that the said development amount is 2019/2020 game changer adding the budget will not passed minus the amount.

” 40million must be in the budget for this it is very critical to us and the residents to have better and equipped heath centres, better roads and availability of water,” Kasee, who is also Deputy speaker in the Assembly stated.

In addition, Nominated Mca, Kalunda Ndile stated that residents are very disappointed in attending public participation forums and stating projects they want developed, later the money is diverted to other projects in other wards.

” Locals are not happy attending these forums while their views are never factored in or the money allocated to the projects are diverted elsewhere, ” Ndile said

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