Beef up Kibwezi-Kitui road sanity, Kibati

Ongoing Kitui - Kibwezi road project

While giving her remarks about the expected county economic transformation upon the completion of ongoing upgrading to bitumen standards of Kibwezi-Kitui road, the former Kitui County Women Rep. aspirant, Jane Kibati, has called upon both the county and the national government to quickly embark on community awareness programs on the use of the road.

She suggests the liaison between the levels administration to incorporate matters relating to security checks along the road, well to briefing residents about the expected road use impacts.

For instance she noted a number of challenges the motorists plying along Kibwezi-Kitui route have faced over the past few days, of recent being boda boda, and a matatu accident leaving many injured.She further warned that if this road menace is not quickly addressed, the locals are likely going to begin cursing the new development of the road construction and of which, it will be unworthy.

We will begin experiencing traumas that are uncalled for and irregular and the expected output not realized,” she warned.

Further, she has saluted the county hospitals and related government institutions for their prompt response and action to the challenges that are being experienced with the new road works development.

Kibati advised the road users to be careful while using the new road and observe set traffic rules, and road safety signs and keeping maximum driving stipulated speed.

To the area residents, she challenged them to frequently report careless drivers to road safety bodies and that they should be vigilant while walking or crossing along the road to minimize pedestrian accidents.

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