Kitui parents advised to start constructing Ecde classes, no ECDE money in 2019/2020 FY budget


Early Childhood Development Education is a devolved function. However, majority of Kitui parents have been forced to construct sub-standard structures where their young ones can try to match those in ‘group of schools’.



When one takes a quick look at Wangwiu Primary school, they can mistake the learning center for an abandoned extended family especially when the pupils are in class or during weekends when silence has prevailed.


Learning needs motivation especially in regions where climatic conditions are harsh. The environment should be enabling for learners to fully concentrate on their studies not a torturous environment.


Wangwiu Primary school in Nuu ward, Mwingi East sub county of Kitui might discourage a pupil’s dream following the the ‘ruthless’ environment they study in.


A major challenge facing the school is infrastructure. Pupils conduct their 45 minutes lessons inside mud walled classrooms with “ventilations” all over .



Early Childhood education is a nightmare to the little stars who have to sit on floor and place a book on their knees while writing, for lack of desks.


The dusty floors pose health hazards to the young professors, medics, engineers among other ‘I will become a pilot when I grow up.’



According to Ecde teacher at Wangwiu, Madam Doris Paul, the crystal clear challenges in her class need to be dealt with with immediate effect to enable a conducive learning environment for the babies.


“the floor is very dusty this exposing our pupils to recurring common colds among other diseases,” the teacher complained.


“the blackboard is too small to write any detailed information and the building is also in a pathetic shape. It has holes all over,” added teacher Doris



Once the baby class pupils have had their lunch, as usual in every school, the poor children spread their sacks(which also serve as their desks) well to catch a nap, obviously not a royal one.



The school head teacher, Madam Elizabeth urged both governments to swiftly step in and help solve the situation for the benefit of the children.


“the school is capable of excelling but the hardships are our barriers,” said the soft spoken head of school who is also a pastor.


To parents surprise, their children will continue learning in such premises because money to construct the classes has been omitted in 2019 /2020 FY budget


James Munuve, MCA Kanziku who is also a member in the budget committee stated that in FY 2018/2019 budget, ksh. 110 million was allocated for bursaries but ksh.40 million was afterwards issues which was not enough then the rest of the money was diverted to other projects.


“In the same budget, 40 Ecde classes were supposed to be constructed within all the 40 wards but this did not happen because the amount allocated in the classrooms was directed elsewhere,” said Munuve.


Geoffrey Mwalimu Ikutha Mca told parents to prepare themselves from January, 2020 to construct classes and employ teachers for there is no money for such in the budget.


Ikanga Kyatune Mca, Anthony Mbiti said 5 teachers were to be employed in each ward, something which has not happened to date.


However, locals are still pleading with the county government to help them with the heavy burden of building classes and paying teachers.


“we struggle so much to build the temporary classes and also paying teachers whom we employ to quench our children’s education thirst. The government to swiftly come in and help us,” Mama Mwende , a parent urged.




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