Mwingi residents accuse Kitui county government of neglect

casual laborers say they have not been paid for 8 months

Residents of Nguni,Mwingi central sub-county of Kitui have accused the county government of neglecting and ignoring their wants and needs.

Speaking during a public participation forum aimed at gathering residents’ views on 2019/2020 Financial Year budget held at Nguni town,residents complained of giving their views on whatever projects they want done but no project ends up being done.

Kithome Mwang’ele,Nguni market chair accused the county government of sidelining them by not fulfilling what the chair and the government agreed on.

According to the chair,when the current regime ascended to power, they agreed on coming up with proper waste management,erecting stalls along the market,proper lighting,availability of water among other factors which to date have not been effected.

“Waste management in the town is very poor making the town dirty and when the waste is burned it causes air pollution posing health hazards to our people. Recently, a pregnant woman collapsed after inhaling the oxides emanating from the smoke,”angry Kithome narrated.

Nguni town also has no electricity and the streets lights are off .” insecurity in the town might rise due to lack of electricity and the jobless youths who roam in the town aimlessly,” stated the Chair.

Outlining why a handful number had shown up for public participation, retired Chief Mulae Kiteme said residents show up for such forums, state the projects they want done and at the end nothing ends up done.

“We are tired of attending forums which yield to nothing,” Mulae said

Joseph Munyithya,a trader in the market said there are no latrines in some parts of the market making it difficult for traders.

“The county government is reluctant building toilets for us and so we will use the revenue collected in our market to develop our town, “Munyithya outlined

Wambua Kitheka,a casual{sweeper} in the market complained of delayed salaries for they have not been paid for the last eight months  adding life has been difficult and some spouses have left due to very poor standards of living.

“some of our wives have left us due to extremely poor standards of living,” Wambua cried out

Wambua also added that they need dustcoats,gloves,dustmasks and gumboots for the ones they had are completely worn out.

“We require proper uniforms to be able to work. Some of are allergic to dust this making the work very cumbersome plus the minimal pay we barely receive,”Wambua concluded.

Mbitini Mca, Nicholas Mwalali who was the chair during the forum urged residents to be patient as they pursue ksh.40 million for developments in each ward to enhance equal distribution of resources.


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