Noisy reps, unashamedly fleecing the county pocket?

Kitui County Assembly's Chambers

Are Kitui wards’ reps. noisy for goodies? Kitui residents have send out their stern warning to the allocations protesting MCAs protesting to approved approve the county budget on account that 1.6Bn wards’ development kitty allocation has not been figured out .

The ongoing tussle over the said kitty comes just a few months after majority of Kitui MCAs went out shouting all over against the previously proposed supplementary budget, however, no one established what made them zip their mouths over the controversial budget estimates.

The MCAs have yet landed into another fiery burning furnace, this time seeming much hot directing their eyes to their promised SH 1.6 billion that Ngilu’s administration did not factor in the budget as it was earlier agreed.

The real Musangi and Nzangi is suspecting the reps. are planning to fleece from their county pocket without their notice, hence their continued noise wherever they land.

The locals are further tying quest for some goodies from the County Executive for instance Mombasa/Matuu/Nairobi business seminars to such shout outs.

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