Senator proposes 5-year term rotational presidency

Former machakos senator johnstone muthama/Mumo Agnes

The former Machakos county Super Senator Hon. Johnstone Muthama is seeking to amend the constitutional leadership clause in favour of rotational five year term presidency, as opposed to the current provision where the candidate who garners majority vote is declared the winner regardless of the community he or she comes from.

Muthama tied the present governance structure with the felt fears of mistrust, suspicion and lack of inclusivity pressing some indigenous communities to feel sidelined in the partition of the national cake.

Senator Muthama argues that its only through the rotational presidential leadership where all the Kenyan communities shall feel equally treated, pointing out that this is the only mechanism that that see the minor communities ascend into power.

In defense to his proposal, the vocal Muthama confirmed that the same system of governance has been successful in Switzerland, where the community accusations against some communities overstaying in power have been buried.

Adding that the system shall integrate the wananchi from all corners of the country, Muthama hinted that its one of the successful practice to lower the tribal animosity indexes in the country.

He also seeks to amend the law to provide that the sitting president retires along with his or her deputy upon completion of their tenure in office, to allow for fresh leaders with fresh ideas to rule.

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