Town hustler pleads Kenyatta to FULIZA Sh. 500


A broke Kenyan hustler has dared President Uhuru Kenyatta to FULIZA KSH 500 on his behalf for bus fare back home arguing that Kenyatta is capable of securing a loan limit of over KSH 500.

Through a f as facebook post he made the request.

The town hustler bitterly confirmed that town life has become so hard to match the economy standards comparing to the number of dependants yet cant afford to meet own basic needs.

Pointing a finger of blame to the rising living standards, the hustler confirmed that town life encounter had impacted negatively endangering the success in future hence couldn’t bare with the steeply rising living standards any more hence the plead for bus fare back to village where life is cheaper.

The hustler further complained about the economic hardships the ordinary mwananchi is experiencing in search for the daily family bread.

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