SH 1,000 notes wipe out, a ballooning debate


SH 1,000 exchange debate has heat up especially among the politicians, greatly leaving sharp splits among them over the old currency wipe out procedure, with the slated deadline by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to phase out old SH 1,000 notes currency being latest October.

The recently commissioned new generation currency debate resurfaced shortly after the inauguration by the president, during the mark of year’s Madaraka fete in Narok County, with queries being raised over the ‘perceived’ image of the founding father at the back side of the currency.

Latest to step into the debate was Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, who has criticized a section of government politicians planning to sue the national government over the ballooning old currency phase out procedure, challenging them to resign from the government before they do so.

“In my book, it is Improper and Unacceptable for a GOVERNMENT employee & State Officer at that, to sue the same GOVERNMENT over a GOVERNMENT program of exchanging all 1,000 shillings notes by October. The proper thing is for one to first resign from the GOVERNMENT. Wanaogopa NINI?” Posted Dr Alfred Mutua, Twitter .

Earlier, Mutua had a contrary opinion about the currency exchange deadline, citing that some have piled up lots of SH 1,000 notes in their ‘homemade mattress banks’ , hence the need for the government to formulate phase out procedure in which no one will be left out with the old currency upon expiry of exchange deadline.

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