Farmer – Elephant fight over water


Residents of Kitui South Sub County are living in dilemma over the fear of the herd of aggressive jumbos which have invaded the areas of Kanziku ward, trampling over their shambas causing great destruction to the crops and forcing them to stay indoors during the night.

The residents are crying that soon they shall be dependent on relief food, water and money, after the stray herd of gross feeders, elephants, invaded their shambas destroying the green grams and maize.

Kyalo Kimuli, a farmer from Ngali village in Ilamba Sub Location confirmed that the herd of elephants has been terrorizing the residents for the past two weeks, after break up from Kitui East Game Reserve.

The farmer says their efforts to reach to the KWS officers to have borne no fruits, since no action yet has been taken by the rangers to drive away the elephants back to the reserve.He complaining the rangers are too slow to evacuate the elephants from their areas of residencies, an action that has seen them suffer total loses after the destruction of their crops.

Kyalo added that the water points at verge of drying up due to the high competition between the locals and the mammoth crowd of jumbos, forcing them to walk long distances in search of water for their animals and domestic use.

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