Man shoots thief just to discover its his son

The Makindu hospital, A man was admitted after he was shot by his father

A man from Kalii village in Makueni in nursing arrow injuries after he was shot by his father in an attempted theft.

Musyoka Kavoo who is aged 40 was allegedly shot on the right hand by his father Kavoo Ngeta Musoli.

According to the father, he heard someone break into his house, something that prompted him to get out and check while fully armed with a bow and an arrow.

He adds that he watched as the man was stealing windows which were stored in his house before he decided to shoot at him.

Ngeta adds that he raised alarm to alerts his neighbours after shooting the alleged thief and it is when the neighbours arrived he went to check who the thief was.

On arriving at the scene, he could not believe what he saw. He just found out he had shot his own son Musyoka.

Neighbours claimed Musyoka is a notorious thief who has been terrorising them

The suspect was admitted at Makindu hospital where doctors tried to get the arrow out of his hand.

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