Shame: Ngilu Office In Dark As Electricity Disconnected Over Unpaid Bills

Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu addressing the MCAs at the Assembly Chambers over the State of the County

Kenya Power has disconnected electricity supply to Governor Ngilu’s office complex over unpaid bills amounting to millions of shillings.

Insiders at the county headquarters have revealed that the offices are now run on generators since the power was severed sometime last month.

It beats sense why Ngilu administration which is sitting on billions of shillings allowed the electricity bills to balloon that much, “ wondered the insider.

Besides, Kitui Town dwellers will have to brave dark streets and estates indefinitely after Kenya Power went on to disconnect electricity supply to streetlighting across the urban centre and its environs.

It is rumoured that Kenya Power took the drastic measure following accrued bills which the administration declined to pay since change of guard in August 2017 general election.

Town dwellers and the business community now live in fear as security continues to dwindle by the day if the recent fatal robbery at Kitui main bus-stage is anything to go by.

24-hour economy has become impractical since business people are forced to close businesses as early as 6pm to avoid possible robberies while residents live in fear of mugging along the dark alleys.

Concerned Kituians now want Ngilu to move with speed and ensure that the outstanding electricity bills are cleared and streetlighting restored.

As if that is not enough Ngilu administration seems bent on frustrating couty employees through outrageous delay of salaries.

While Malombe regime was famed for paying salaries on or before 27th of every month, Ngilu’s delays salaries for weeks if not months.

The distraught employees can’t face their landlords due to unpaid rent and most are forced to borrow money right and left to survive.

Trusted sources have intimated to KituiOnline that ward and village administrators as well as casuals are the worst hit by the incessant salary delays as they have gone for over four months without pay.

Disturbing sights of the administrators selling chicken to put food on the table are becoming a common sight!

Who bewitched Kitui?!

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