Mulyungi warns aged Kibwana to keep off else he will face ‘kisithe’



Makueni governor on Thursday said he did not require assistance of Wiper party to retain his seat. Kivutha stated that he had support of his voters thus he would retain his seat even as an independent candidate.

Two weeks ago,Kalonzo visited Makueni and pointed out that the timeline for agreement between Muungano and Wiper party had elapsed thus Muungano would be considered an opposition party in Ukambani

Kivutha observed that he would not force himself into the party and might land a better partner than the wiper party.

In response,Mwingi central Mp, Gideon Mulyungi told Kibwana to style up and age gracefully.

“Kivutha is easily forgetting that he came begging to wiper party after discovering that his party would easily send home and we warmly embraced him giving him a direct ticket,” Mulyungi said

Mulyungi further stated that aged Kibwana should understand that Ukambani should this time lead the country something the Makueni governor should know.

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“You  belong to different status quo and you should respect our kingpin ,“warned the wiper mp

The vocal mp further warned Kibwana to keep off Mulyungi otherwise he will face ‘kisithe’



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