Felix Baridi Mbevo moves to Supreme Court to challenge nullification of his victory


On the 8 day of August, 2017 people of Mutongoni Ward, Kitui West Constituency, as voters participated in elections conducted by Electoral and Boundaries Commission (I.E.B.C.). Baridi Felix Mbevo was an aspirant as a Member of County Assembly for Mutonguni Ward, Kitui West Constituency. Felix was contesting against Musee Mati.

On 9 August 2017 the I. E. B. C declared Felix as the winner and was issued with the certificate for member of County assembly elect for Mutonguni Ward.
Later on 11 August 2017 a re-tally of votes was done where Musee Mati was found to have garnered higher votes than Baridi Felix. Delightfully, Mati expected the Returning Officer to nullify the result, which was not done.

Dissatisfied with the results of the election, Musee Mati filed a petition dated 18 August 2017 in Kitui Chief Magistrates Courts against the Baridi Felix Mbevo , the Returning Officer, Kitui West Constituency and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

On its final ruling, the court of appeal ruled that Baridi Felix Mbevo was not duly and validly declared as the winner of Mutonguni ward-Kitui West Constituency and Musee Mati was the duly and validly elected winner of the Election of Mutonguni ward Kitui west Constituency.

The certificate of the elected member of county Assembly for Mutonguni Ward issued to Baridi Felix Mbevo was declared null and void.

Aggrieved by the courts decision Baridi Felix Mbevo has now filed a memorandum of appeal against decisions made by court of appeal to supreme Court.

In his appeal Felix accused the court of appeal for the nullification of his victory stating that Mati didn’t win the elections.

The duel are now great enemies. Felix is determined that justice would be administered by the supreme Court. He’s a great friend to the current governor of Kitui County, Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

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