Health cartels hack services in Kitui General Hospital

Veronica Musali and her child Lilian Mwikali recuperating at Muthale Mission Hospital in Kitui West on November 18, 2015, after the brutal attack by the priest. Veronica believes Mr Kimanzi wanted to kill them.

As at now, many residents of Kitui County are complaining about the healthcare services rendered by Kitui Level lV General Hospital, suspecting some health cartels to have hacked the entire system of service delivery to the visiting patients, citing the subsequent referral for further examination to Kitui Imaging Centre, whose owner is yet to be established, yet the hospital has been equipped with all the necessary medical facilities.

The residents have sadly raised their concerns almost across all the social media sites and also within their areas of conferences, and are hereby demanding the Governor of Kitui, Charity Kaluki Ngilu to come out and intervene the controversy before the situation worsens.

The CT scans and X-ray machines are in the County Referral hospital are said to be dysfunctional, forcing the medical attendants to refer the patients to private centre for examination.Reports from the patients who have visited Kitui Imaging Centre have confirmed that it’s charging them at a high fee which only a few can afford.

Making the matter worse, the patients are further complaining over why the Imaging Centre is not accepting NHIF or any insurance cards, leaving them suspicious whether it’s a cartel deal between the hospital management and the Imaging Centre to fleece from the pockets of millions of Kitui residents.

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