Machakos county legislators condemn Kibwana for taking counties back to political moods

Machakos Deputy Majority leader and Kivaa mca, Justus Muasya Kiteng'u

Rivalry between Wiper and Muungano parties has escalated after Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka cut ties with Governor Kibwana’s Muungano party.

Two weeks ago,Kalonzo visited Makueni and pointed out that the timeline for agreement between Muungano and Wiper party had elapsed thus Muungano would be considered an opposition party in Ukambani

In response, Makueni county boss stated that he is not bothered by Kalonzo’s decision of divorcing the two parties bearing in mind the former Vice President urged him to join Wiper and have a stronger ground in National Super Alliance[NASA] in the 2017 general elections.

Kibwana further stated that he did not require any assistance of Wiper party to retain his seat, insisting he had support of his voters thus he would retain his seat even as an independent candidate.

“Joining Wiper was to the advantage of Kalonzo because if otherwise, he could not have secured any Governor position in Ukambani,” said Kivutha

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The Governor, who was speaking at Kwa Kathoka ATC further accused the former Vice President of not fulfilling their agreements terming the coalition pebbly.

Kivutha observed that he would not force himself into the party and might land a better partner than the wiper party insisting Kalonzo should hold a mega rally and declare his resignation from politics for he has failed Kamba community by not leading them to the right direction since 1993.

Kivutha’s sentiments have stirred mixed reactions across the region with Machakos Deputy Majority leader, Justus Muasya Kiteng’u telling Kibwana to respect Wiper Party leader because he was purely elected courtesy of Wiper party adding that Kivutha should work for Makueni people and shun politicking that Kalonzo did nothing to the Kamba community.

“Residents are the ones to comment on Kalonzo’s developments and not a Governor, do your part as a Governor and let residents decide,” stated the vocal Mca.

Justus who is also Kivaa Mca further stated that Kibwana should not bite the hand that once fed him pointing out that Kibwana was given a direct ticket and has been accorded all the necessary respect as the Party Chair by the party and he should not pay back by negative politicking especially during a time when Ukambani kingpin has an eye in leading the country.

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“We knew Kivutha as our political father but he is now misleading the entire region and I urge the Makueni county boss to retire peacefully from politics,” stated the wiper elected county legislator.

His counterpart from Masinga central  and Chief Whip, Tarik Mulatya urged Kibwana to concentrate on developing Makueni and shun tainting Kalonzo’s name by dragging him into county politics who is a national figure.

“we are not interested in politicking this time because we are busy serving the residents, if there is a battle of who is superior than the other, then residents will suffer for lack of developments which should not be the case. Kivutha should give us ample time and he should be very sure that he cannot outshine H.E Kalonzo Musyoka,” stated Mulatya





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