County ready to supply 23M metric tones, Governor

Mutambu is said t have constructed a huge dam that has eased the problem of water to residents.

The governor of Kitui County Charity Ngilu has told the critics to keep off Yatta Ballast Crushing Project recently commissioned by her government confirming thath the residents of Yatta ward in Kitui West constituency shall be among the first beneficiaries of the ongoing construction of Thwake Multi-Purpose Dam Project extending across Makueni and Machakos counties.

Ms. Ngilu affirmed that the ballast crusher stationed in the rocky Yatta/Kwa Vonza ward shall greatly assist in grinding the expansive rock to ballast for use in construction of Thwake Dam, where over 23 Million metric tones are required to complete the project.

The County Chief of Kitui stressed about the necessity of the ballast crushing project adding that it will not only open up new job opportunities for the jobless locals but will also assist the county in harnessing the vast endowed wealth.

The multi billions dam project located at the confluence of rivers Athi and Thwake is set to supply water for domestic use and irrigation to the counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui among other neighbouring counties once the construction is completed.

Also, the dam water shall also be piped to the Konza Techopolis City, the country’s expected ICT hub zoned along extensive Konza plains.

Thwake Dam Project was initiated during the tenure of Hon. Charity Ngilu when she served as the minister for Water and Irrigation during the coalition government to assist supply of water for domestic, commercial and irrigation purposes across the dry Ukambani region.

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