Dogs Found feasting on a decomposing body In Machakos

Decomposing body found dumped in a bush.

A mutilated body was found dumped in a bush at Kakutha, Kathiani sub-county of Machakos County.

The area Assistant Chief Jackeline Mutunga confirming the incidence said that a passerby who informed her found dogs feasting on the already decomposing body.

“A bodaboda operator called me and told me they have seen a person’s head being eaten by a dog. Another family just a few meters from the incident were complaining of a foul smell from a nearby bush,” she said.
“That’s where the rest of the body parts were found, only skeletons the flesh had either decomposed or eaten by dogs,” she added.

According to Mrs Mutunga, the body belongs to a 27-year old man from Wathia village who is alleged to have gone to Nairobi where he worked.

This is after the mother of the deceased identified him with his clothes on arriving at the scene claiming he left to sleep on 2nd of July promising to leave for Nairobi the following morning.

“The mother came to the scene and on seeing the clothes screamed. She said the son had gone to sleep on the 2nd of July promising to return to work very early the next morning,” she said.

The remains of the body were taken to Kathiani Morgue by the police.
Investigations started since the cause of the heinous act was unknown but the body seemed to be tied to a tree with a hem of a cloth.

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