Netizen hit by tough lives in funding of Sh3trn budget


The government hopes to collect at least Sh238 billion through charging for its services in what is known as Appropriations in Aid.

The revenue generation plan has exerted more pressure on departments to generate more money from lawbreakers, those seeking certificates of good conduct, visas, passports, national identity cards and other services.

More money will come from the sale of tender documents, certificates of good conduct, royalties and fishing rights, among others. Employers, including some government departments, require job seekers to get certificates of good conduct as part of efforts to ensure they hire people of high integrity.

Other revenue centres will be the registration of births and deaths , visas , passport fees, work permit fees , identity card fees and other immigration fees.

The capitalist budget released by treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry Rotich for 2019 /2020 is seen to have raided the wallets of the poor. Life is expected to become tougher in funding of Sh3trn budget according treasury report released by Mr. Rotich on Thursday.

From the report, its now evident how taxpayers will contribute to the next financial year’s budget. The budget will be funded by caterers, security guards, gamblers, bodaboda operators, and ordinary citizens.

Blow to cigarettes smokers and wine takers. Treasury increased the rates of excise duty on cigarettes, wines and alcoholic spirits by 15 per cent. Its not a shock that the bottle of wine and a packet of cigarette will now cost at least Sh18 and Sh8 more, respectively.

Woe to all gamblers and casinos . Gamblers were hard-hit, as Mr Rotich explained that the practice had become widespread and its expansion has had negative social effects, particularly on youth.

“In order to curtail the negative effects arising from betting activities, I propose to introduce excise duty on betting at the rate of 10 per cent of the amount staked,” he said. This means that if you were to place a bet of Sh100, you will be charged Sh10 immediately you place your bet, no matter the outcome. Should one win, then one will be expected to pay another tax.

Boda boda operators were also not left out. Mr. Rotich pointed out how the mode of transport has proven to be very risky to the riders, their passengers and pedestrians. He said accident victims, are left to seek financial assistance for treatment from friends and relatives since the boda bodas are not insured.

Due to reckless driving, boda boda operators will now have to get comprehensive insurance cover, which promises to mint for insurance companies billions of shillings in premiums.

However, Mr. Rotich slashed excise duty on motor vehicles that that are fully powered by electricity to 10 per cent in order to encourage the uptake of electric cars. This vehicles are considered to be timely efficient and environmental friendly.

The treasury cabinet secretary exempted from VAT plastic recycling industry, all services offered to plastic recycling plants and supply of machinery and equipment used in the construction of these plants in an effort to attract investors.

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