Residents overjoyed as road is constructed for the first time in history



Villagers from Kalovoto , Kilulu area of Migwani ward , Mwingi west within Kitui could hardly hide their joy yesterday  after  witnessing road grading, something they have never seen.

Samson Mutui, a resident honored the area Mca, Phillip Nguli for committing to memory the most marginalized village within the largest ward of Mwingi west.

“Our village has never seen road grading. Initially, the grader would come to a halt at Kilulu market locking Kalovoto residents out of developments,” pointed ou Samson

“I would like to whole heartedly thank our Mca for seeing us through bad roads in our area,” Samson further narrated.

In addition, the grateful resident added that although the village is happy having gotten better roads, the issue of water scarcity in the area is another nightmare they want addressed.

Mca Kalumaita, as he is commonly called, urged residents to be patient as more developments in the area are underway.


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