Should ‘dead-beat’ dads also be celebrated?



The idea of celebrating dads was a better one as most people only celebrate mummies forgetting the role fathers play in a family.
As the nation is celebrating happy fathers’ day, many Kenyans have taken to different social media platforms to wish their father and fathers to their children a happy fathers day.
Most men have also taken to their timelines to celebrate their fatherhood proudly posting beautiful photos of their babies.
However, there is an increased number of single parenthood with most mummies being left to struggle with their babies alone.
Who should these mommies wish a healthy fathers day?
In my own opinion, the most hyped day might be causing a stir in some mothers life, the day reminding them of how their baby dads took to heels leaving them to battle alone.
Some mums dropped out of school to nature the young ones while the responsible men could not man up and tackle their respective responsibilities.
Other mums have been raped but thought it wise enough to still bring forth the the innocent ones.
Separation cases in marriages have also been on the rise with most mothers becoming sole bread winners for their babies with no support from their fathers.
So should dead beat baby daddies be celebrated today?
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