Three arrested for planting banana on road during demonstrations

three arrested for planting banana along the road

Three men were arrested in Mangenche, Kisii County after they dug a trench on the road after which they planted bananas.

The area residents claimed that these three were among a crowd which was demonstrating over poor infrastructure in the area during the weekend and they went further to dig trenches on the roads with an aim of ensuring that the local authorities take action.

Area Police Boss Elijah Sanyo confirmed the incidence saying that the three culprits who were arrested will help the police to arrest the rest of the group that was involved in digging the road which sabotaged transport in the area.

“We were not happy with the action that the three men led and we are going to ensure that they face the law as soon as possible,” said Sanyo.

The three men were arrested after the police conducted thorough investigations,” he added.
According to one Peter Osinya, the three incited the rest to hold the demonstration and plant bananas on the trenches that they dug.

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