Joy for Mumoni residents after cages are issued to curb lives lost through crocodile bites

kitui minister for sports,tourism and culture addressing residents of Katithini area of Mumoni ward,mwingi north sub-county, Kitui after issuing cages to help curb lives lost in Kiambere dam

Residents of Katithini area of Mumoni ward, Mwingi North sub-county residing along Kiambere dam could hardly hide their smiles after Kitui county government heed to their cry.

On March 13/2019, villagers woke to devastating news of one Anna Kilonzo who had been killed by a crocodile while fetching in the dam.

After the sad incident, resident requested the county government to provide secure means of fetching water in the dam as it is the sole water point in the area.

Yesterday, 7 water cages were ti be taken to each fetching point to ensure a safe temporary way of getting water from the dam.

Muthui Kilonzo, husband to late Annah Kilonzo lauded the county government for offering a solution to curb lives lost in the dam. Kilonzo also urged Kenya Wildlife Service[KWS] to act fast in compensation process.

“We appreciate the county government for temporarily solving our water challenge and we expect more to ensure that we are fully safe while fetching water for our families,” said the widower

“I also plead with KWS to compensate my family so that I may focus on fending for my children who solely depend on me for everything,” further narrated Muthui

Esther Munyoki, another resident who also lost her child in 2002 and has never been compensated said that the cages will be of great help especially to women who are the ones that majorly fetch water exposing them to the deadly bites.

“We have always had very tough times fetching water in Kiambere dam and our lives have been at risk but we are thankful after seeing the cages which will ensure safety while fetching water,”delighted Esther said

Agnes Muthoka, the area Chief was grateful for the occasion which to her translated into safety ways especially for women to fetch water.

Kitui’s Sports, Culture and Tourism Minister, Musau Koki who was spearheading the event advised resident to always fetch water inside those cages to shun lives lost to crocodile bites.

“Let no one risk fetching water outside the cage, I urge everyone to fetch water inside the cages which guarantees safety,  and by this no lives will be lost at the dam“ Koki urged

In addition, the Minister told residents who are victims of the reptiles’ bites to forward names of the deceased to relevant offices so the county government can push for their compensations.


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